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What we will learn in Y2

What we will be learning about in Year 2
Our Individual Learning Projects
During their time in Year 2 the children will be historians, investigators, explorers and gardeners! We will visit a wide range of local attractions and meet many different people.
Autumn Term
Community Explorers
This project has a geographical focus and teaches the children about the geographical and human features of their local community.  The children will develop their knowledge of maps and use the language of position and direction.
Remember, Remember
This project has a History focus and teaches children about The Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder Plot and how these events are remembered. 
Spring Term
Electric Rainbow
This project has a Science focus and teaches the children about light, colour and electricity.  At the heart of the project the Children will apply their skills and understanding by creating a range of light sources.
Summer Term
Growing Things
This project has a science focus and teaches the children about the life cycle of plants, the conditions needed for growth and names of parts of plants.
Land Ahoy!
This project has a design and technology focus and teaches children about the properties of different materials, a range of mechanisms and forces, the aspects of water and coastal safety.
PE will take place on a Tuesday and Friday.