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Head Teacher's Welcome

Wishing all of you visiting our website a warm welcome to our amazing school!


Welcome to Kitchener Primary where every decision is based on the best interests of the children, we will always put the children first.


The children are kind and considerate, they always take an interest in each other, care for each other, are affectionate and love learning!


The children ARE the curriculum! We cannot wait to plan and teach high quality learning experiences to interest our children and community. This September 2020: Our main aim currently is improving the wellbeing of our children and staff after such a worrying time. Thank you for the continued support from our parents, community, and governors, we will continue to keep our children and staff safe during uncertain times.


Kitchener Primary is a large, dynamic, and multicultural school which celebrates the diversity of the Riverside area of Cardiff. We are fortunate to be in the heart of the city where there is a wealth of historic, sporting and cultural venues.


Now more than ever communication is the key. If you have a child at the school it is VERY important you stay connected with us, not only so that you have current information but also so you stay connected to see your child’s best learning.


Please call/email/ the school if you need further information using information from the contact details on the 'About us' tab or alternatively email:


I wish you well


Mrs Reena Patel

Head Teacher