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What will our children be learning?

Our Imaginative Learning Projects:
Autumn 1 – Happiness   
This project has a PSD, WB & CD focus and teaches children about the importance of happiness, health, well-being and celebrations. As part of this topic we will be visiting some local parks and watching many happy films to stimulate happy feelings! Towards the end of the project the children plan and design a ‘Happiness Morning’ where they invite Year 4 to come down and experience some happy games, song and healthy food.
Autumn 2 – Supermarket
This project has a science focus and teaches children about a range of materials and their properties used for packaging in shops and supermarkets and about the issues surrounding waste and re-cycling. We kick start the project with a trip to Asda and visit a local shop to contrast the two. Towards the end of this project the children plan and design their own bakery with real goods to sell.
Spring 1 – Big Wide World
This project has a geography focus and teaches children
about a contrasting location overseas and how it may have
similarities and differences to the place in which they live. We compare our locality with China, which links in nicely with Chinese New Year celebrations. A visit to the Chinese Supermarket and the Riverside/Canton area allows the children to gain further knowledge of their locality around school.
Spring 2 – Carnival
This project has an art focus and teaches children about carnival
art from cultures around the world. At the heart of this project
children write and re-tell a range of stories from a range of
different cultures. A visit to Cardiff Museum gives the children an opportunity to study different art forms, giving them inspiration for their own work back in class. 
Summer 1 – Growing Things
This project has a science focus and teaches the children about
the life cycle of plants, the conditions needed for growth
and the names of parts of plants. We begin our topic with a trip to B&Q where the children choose some plants and seeds to grow back in school. This ILP give us an opportunity to brighten up our outside area with plants and hanging baskets in time for the summer!
Summer 2-Superheroes
This project has an ICT focus and teaches children how to gather information from a range of sources and use a range of packages to draw, paint, animate and record simple sounds. As this is in the summer term, a visit to the fruit farm is a must! The children love picking juicy strawberries to make jam back at school.