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We are a dyslexia friendly school.

ALN Funding Changes - Information for Parents

Learning Support at Kitchener Primary School


At certain times in their school life some children may require some additional support. We try to identify as early as possible those children who have Additional Learning Needs (ALN) so that we can start meeting their needs in a pro-active way. 


If your child is identified has having Additional Learning Needs then it may be necessary for our school-based ALNCo (Mrs Dacey) to intervene to organise additional support. This support may be provided by the class teacher, by the ALNCo, or by one of our trained Teaching Assistants depending on the support required. 


Alternatively, specialist support may be sought from an outside agency such as an educational psychologist, speech therapist or advisory teacher.


If we feel that your child would benefit from any additional intervention, you will be invited in to school to discuss his/her individual needs and an individual development plan will be devised. You will be regularly involved in reviewing your child’s progress and supporting their needs in consultation with the ALNCo and other appropriate professionals.


The Interventions that we offer at Kitchener are listed below:



Nursery and Reception

Language and Communication small group programme


Speech Links

Rec, Y1-3

Assesses speech development. Follow up activities address specific issues.


Language Links

Rec, Y1-Y6

Infant & Junior packages. Assesses language development. Follow up activities address specific issues.


Handwriting Motorway

Rec, Y1-Y6

Programme to support the development of motor skills needed for handwriting.


Rapid Maths


Individual (sometimes paired) programme addressing specific difficulties in maths.


Maths Factor


Structured programme for children with more complex difficulties in maths.


Rapid Reading


Structured programme (individual) to develop reading and comprehension skills for lower juniors.


Rainbow Reading


Structured programme (group) to develop reading and comprehension skills for upper juniors.


Sound Discovery


Structured phonics programme (individual) for children experiencing specific difficulties in reading and spelling.




Structured programme (individual) for developing speed, fluency and accuracy in word finding, spelling and handwriting for children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia)



Reception through to Year 6

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants. Individual sessions to address specific or general social or emotional issues.


Socially Speaking and Talkabout


Small group programmes to develop social communication skills.



Nursery through to Year 6

Individual, group or whole class planned sessions to support the emotional health, wellbeing and healthy development of children.


Mrs Rainford


Mrs Rainford, Mrs Rostant and Mrs Dacey are our Licensed Thrive Practitioners here at Kitchener Primary School. They can offer support and advice for your child's emotional health and wellbeing.