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At Kitchener we believe that it is vital for all our children to have a voice and are all valued, therefore we have created a curriculum which embodies this vision alongside our five core values of Care, Equality, Community, Identity and Learning. We seek to build a language and oracy rich curriculum that embraces collaboration and cooperation; and a curriculum that reflects the diversity of our school community, building a sense of belonging for all.


The Curriculum at Kitchener Primary School is centred around providing all children with the knowledge, skills and experiences to work meaningfully towards achieving the Four Purposes, therefore becoming Ambitious Capable Learners, Enterprising and Creative Contributors, Ethical and Informed Citizens and Healthy and Confident Individuals. The four purposes have been mapped through our curriculum vision to ensure they are at the centre of our curriculum design.

Developing and Defining our Curriculum Vision

Here is the Kitchener Primary Curriculum Summary

Education in Wales is changing...

Watch this video to understand why we are changing the curriculum we offer the children here at Kitchener Primary School.

Here is a guide for the Curriculum for Wales made for children and young people...

Here is a guide to the Curriculum for Wales designed for parents and carers....

A new curriculum for Wales

This is an exciting time for the young people of Wales. A new Curriculum for Wales is coming that will enthuse learners from 3 to 16, giving them the foundations they need to succeed in a changing world.